What is Root Canal Treatment or RCT

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure to save your teeth and also relieve the pain and uncomfortableness it is causing. It is a treatment which becomes essential when an infection reaches the root of teeth causing inflammation and pain.

The need for root canal arises when roots of teeth get infected due to any number of reasons including severe injury which disrupts the positioning and functioning of the tooth or due to untreated cavity which with time intensifies and damage the roots of a tooth. Advanced technological procedures and modern devices are making the process comfortable and less painful instead the rotten tooth lying in the mouth causes more pain than the root canal procedure to do away with it. Dentists proceed the treatment with getting an insight about how the tooth got damaged and analyzing it from different sides to get an idea about how to complete the process with minimum pain and maximum benefits. A small needle is made use of to inject the medicine which makes the area around tooth numb so that the patient feels no pain while the process of RCT begins. Dentists place dental dam or a rubber sheet to isolate the tooth under treatment from rest of the teeth and also keep the area dry and clean. Dentists will make use of a small drill to make a vent into the tooth through which they can pull out the infected pulp and bacteria causing damage to the tooth using different tools and devices. He makes use of the antimicrobial solution to wash the infected area and keep it free from any other further infections. After the inner chamber of the tooth is clean dentist will fill it with a temporary filling made of a rubber material called gutta-percha and ask you to wait for few days till you have permanent filling and crown. After few days if there is no complain of pain and any other discomfort from your side dentist will do the permanent filling and place a crown on it color of which matches to the color of natural teeth.