What are Braces

Braces specialist in Jalandhar is helping the people to align the crooked teeth which origin due to any number of natural reasons and sometimes due to the sever accidents and injuries. Dentists proceed with the treatment of crooked teeth after taking impressions and x-rays of the mouth which help them to get a clear picture of teeth and plan their treatment accordingly.

Technological innovation has brought different options when it comes to choosing the type of braces one wants to put. Small braces replace the old and traditional big, heavy braces which made the process seem very painful and disturbing. Min-braces are small in size and have a more appealing look which does not terrify the user and the observer. They are also available in color other than stainless steel color which is bind to each tooth with a bonding agent and bracket although the tooth color braces are expensive they are much preferred as they give a more appealing appearance in comparison to stainless steel braces. Dentists sometimes recommend the use of separators and spacers which fit within the teeth and help in the adjustment of braces facilitating teeth to mold and acquire straight position which brings them in alignment. There are braces which are temporary and removable while others which remain fixed to teeth for a duration which dentist recommends depending on the condition of teeth. Permanent braces require the person to visit a dentist to get them adjusted at regular intervals. They make use of appliances which mold, bend braces according to the new shape that teeth acquire due to constant pressure of braces on them. Dentist recommends brush and teeth cleaning brush and other devices which facilitate the cleaning of teeth. Dentists may suggest surgical procedures to eliminate the problem of overbite or under bite teeth.